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The Welsh Hawking Centre has been helping people like you and for the last 20 years with their bird and rabbit problems.

We control these pest species discreetly using unmarked vehicles. We can control factories, flour mills, airfields and agricultural sites for both birds and rabbits. We can be on site helping you with your problem within 24 hours of the first phone call asking for a no obligation quotation.
The methods we use are Falcon and the Hawk scaring, live trapping, shooting and alarm calls.

Audio Systems
As well as the birds of prey flying, broadcast recordings of gulls, starlings, rooks, and crows in distress played through loudspeakers is a very effective method and can be used together with the Falcons. Audio systems are often used when weather conditions will not allow a Falcon to fly. It is important that the problem birds still see the live falcon as otherwise they will quickly realise that “wolf” is being called!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the falconry response work?
The Hawking Centre uses captive bred and trained hawks and falcons which are handled by very experienced falconers. It is not necessary for these birds to actually catch and kill the prey.
The mere sight of a hunting Hawk will convince the problem birds that it is better to find somewhere else to roost and nest!

How much will it cost me?
It is impossible to say without seeing the problem. The quotation is free. Our clients find that the service is very cost-effective when you compare it to the damage to buildings together with the health and safety risk. Many clients get good PR from using birds rather than adverse PR from the use of other methods.

Why are birds a problem anyway?
Bird droppings are unsightly, corrosive and unsanitary. They will cause damage to paintwork and corrode masonry. They are a health and safety hazard because they can make the floor slippery and there is a potential spread of disease like salmonella and e. coli. Nesting birds frequently block down pipes and guttering causing the ingress of water to the building.

Can you use any other methods?
As well as falconry the Welsh Hawking Centre can use gas guns, rope bangers, rockets and distress calls. We are also licensed and experienced in the use of firearms and shot guns. Our operatives will always advise on the best method for your site.