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Welsh Hawking Centre
All of our falcons and Hawks come from quality bloodlines.

Below is a complete list of the birds we breed at the Welsh hawking Centre. All of our falcons and Hawks come from quality bloodlines and proven hunting stock. Any birds can be reserved against a 50% deposit. Please contact the following for prices and prior to sending a deposit in order to confirm availability contact griff@welsh-hawking.co.uk or jamie@welsh-hawking.co.uk

Quality bred birds Welsh Hawking Centre

Peregrines,  Black Shaheen’s,  Red Napped Shaheen’s, 
Gyrs – White/Black/Silver,  Sakers – White
Luggers,  Lanners,  Aplomado’s American Kestrels,  European Kestrels.

Hawks & Buzzards
Goshawks – Albidus/ Buteoides/Finnish,  Black Sparrowhawks, 
Harris Hawks,  Red Tails, Common Buzzard.

Tawny Eagles – Indian,  Warlberg’s Eagle.

Turkey Vultures,  White Backed Vulture,  Palm Nut Vulture.

Yellow Billed Kites.

European Eagle Owls,  Ahroni’s Eagle Owl,  Abyssinian Eagle Owl,  Bengalese Eagle Owl,  Great Grey Owl,  Ural Owl,  Tawny Owl,  Boobok Owl,  White Faced Scops,  Western Screech,  Little Owl,  Burrowing Owl,  Barn Owl.