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Welsh Hawking Centre | Full Day Course

Wear good footwear as you will be going for a walk in the country!

The day starts at 10:30am where you will meet the instructor and the other five participants to get to know each other over a cup of coffee. Then it's hands-on learning; how to tie falconer’s knot, learning to pick up birds correctly, how to carry a bird on the fist and flying birds to the fist using a variety of species. At around 13:00 we break off for the lunch provided, the instructor is ever present so that you can chat about the morning’s experiences.

The afternoon session consists of the instructor showing you how to call hawks to the first. We then head out into our surrounding countryside where our guest will have the chance to fly and witness the birds in their natural environment. Upon our return we will have some fun learning how to swing a lure. The instructor will let you stand very close to him while he passes the Falcon so that you can see how fast they actually go. It takes months of practice before you can try this yourself and the last thing you want to do is to hit the bird with the lure. The day ends at four o'clock with another cup of coffee exchange of addresses and photographs.

During the winter months hunting with the hawks is also a possibility; this will be agreed upon with the clients prior to departing with the birds during the afternoon session.

Full Day Course Welsh Hawking Centre

Full day as above:£110

To book please contact:
or telephone : 01446 734687

As soon as we have received payment we will send you a card and voucher confirming the experience.

We realise that sometimes a cancellation may have to be made, please remember that a cancellation fee of £25 will be incurred in this case.

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