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We are always available for advice or constructive criticism. The only exceptions to this are:

Advice on training or breeding birds that we have not supplied. For these go to the person you got the birds from. This is not due to sour grapes on our part but if we don’t know how the bird was raised or even the genetics of individual birds it is far better to speak to the person that does know – the breeder of the birds.

Advice on veterinary matters. We cannot do this by law. We are not vets and cannot set ourselves up as such. We may be able to advise specialist bird vets who are relatively near you, but you must be prepared to travel as these are few and far between.

Our address is:
The Welsh Hawking Centre
Weycock Road
Vale of Glamorgan
CF62 3AA
    Please, unless it is an emergency, contact us by E-mail:
Our telephone number is: 01446 734 687

If you phone during the day, you may be answered by an answer phone.
Please speak slowly and leave your name and phone number, we will get back to you.

Sick/Injured Wild Birds - The Welsh Hawking Centre is a Balai Licensed Centre. The Balai is issued by the Government department APHA. Government legislation dictates that we are unable to take wild sick or injured birds into the Centre due to disease control. Anyone who finds a sick or injured bird should contact the RSPCA or a local vetenarial.